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The imagination of Einstein. The golfing talent of Tiger Woods.
The investing prowess of Warren Buffet. The writing ability of Shakespeare.

You can ‘steal’ these genius minds, using the ‘Raikov Effect.’

The Raikov Effect is a psychological technique, which allows people to get into the mindset of a genius — and take on their unique talents and abilities.

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What is 'Become Anybody'?

Become Anybody is an audio course, which shows you how to use the Raikov effect combined with NLP, to help you 'steal' the qualities of practically anyone!

From the genius of Einstein to the writing genius of Stephen Fry, from the confidence of Brad Pitt to the investment prowess of Warren Buffet - just choose your 'genius' and you're ready to go.

The process works by getting you into the mindset of your genius, using a technique which psychological research has shown 'unlocks' your latent abilities. It then uses NLP to 'anchor' this state, so you can bring it back whenever you desire.

It's incredibly powerful - and it only takes a few minutes to apply the process!

How does this technique work?

The 'Become Anybody' technique works by combining two powerful principles: the Raikov effect, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

The Raikov effect is an intriguing psychological finding. When an individual "pretends" to be a certain genius, by following a little-known technique, the brain automatically 'unlocks' the specific talents typically associated with that genius.

An NLP "anchor" works by enabling you to bring back a certain state of mind, whenever you performing a physical action - such as squeezing your thumb and forefinger together.

By combining these two techniques - the Raikov effect and NLP anchoring - you're able to not only morph these genius talents into your own life, but also magnify them at any time, just by squeezing your fingers together! That's the 'Become Anybody' technique - a powerful method of 'stealing' the qualities of anyone you desire!

How often do I need to use this course?

The technique works within minutes. The audio course will guide you through the entire technique as you listen. And you only have to listen ONCE to feel the effects - and be able to return there at any point, just by pinching your fingers together!

The more you use the course however, the stronger the associations will become - and the easier you'll be able to take on the abilities of your chosen genius. Over time, these positive abilities become a powerful part of your own personality, enhancing your life even further.

But still - all you need to begin is to listen along to the audio course just once!

Is this an audio course?

Yes. Access details for to The 'Become Anybody' program will be delivered via email immediately after purchase.

What will I receive when I order?

Order today and you'll receive:

• Access to The FULL 'Become Anybody' course Audios - Uncover how to "steal" the talents of anyone! Discover the powerful technique that produces the Raikov Effect, and how you can use it to seriously enhance your abilities. Plus, follow the NLP "anchoring" exercises to reproduce your genius skills, on-demand. Also includes specific exercises for confidence, business, sports and creativity.

• BONUS: Five-Minute 'Activate Genius' Audio Session - Getting ready for a night out? Preparing for a big speech? Got a big game coming up? Use this "mini-session" to quickly reactivate the Raikov Effect - and prepare you for success. It's in MP3 format too, so you can store it on your MP3 player or iPhone for easy access.

• BONUS: 'Become Anybody' Cheat Sheet - Want to practice these techniques without the audio? No problem. We'll send you cheat sheets, to ensure you remember precisely how to follow the system. PDF format.

• FREE International Shipping & Handling - We won't charge a penny extra to send the course to you. It doesn't matter where you live in the world, shipping and handling is NO extra cost!

• 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE! - Try out the course for a whole month! If you're not thrilled at the results, just return it within that time and we'll refund every penny you paid. No questions asked!

• FREE Lifetime Support - Got questions about applying this technique to your own specific situation? Don't worry. Our team of professionals is always on hand to help with any questions you may have. Just use the special link in the e-mail we send you.

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